Effectively maintaining the cleanliness of your educational facility

EasyCleanUSA can deliver the right team for school, daycare and college cleaning.  We are experts at performing within educational institutions of all sizes. Our cleaning specialists can offer daily cleaning services during term time, as well as more industrial, deep cleaning services during holiday periods. We are flexible and accommodating, and will work around your time schedule.  We are happy to work with your schools’ staff to ensure that we get your building cleaning plan absolutely right. Our cleaning methods, combined with the technically advanced equipment, help to maintain buildings and create more pleasant environment for staff to work and students to learn.

Protecting our Children, Teachers, and Staff by cleaning GREEN

Studies have shown health concerns directly related to the exposure of chemicals found in traditional cleaning products. Some of these concerns stem from the very products used to keep schools clean. As a result, students and staff are exposed to these chemicals.  Because of this unnecessary exposure there have been increases in medical conditions including; asthma, respiratory problems, reproductive and neurological harm.

Schools are becoming increasingly aware that healthy and environmentally friendly facilities foster academic achievement while protecting the health of their students and teachers.  Proactive schools are examining their cleaning practices to develop strategies for improving the health of students and staff.

This is why EasyCleanUSA can provide a healthy and environmentally friendly cleaning process in green cleaning.  By using green cleaning products as well as eco-friendly equipment we promote a healthy environment for both the students and staff while also protecting the environment.

Next Steps...

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